Changing Global Dynamics

Organisations must develop their risk management capabilities and build resilience to adapt to the growing frequency of political, macroeconomic, public health and other shocks

Net Zero Transition

Organisations will need to decarbonise their operations and mitigate their climate risk


Businesses will fall behind if they fail to derive greater value, efficiency and convenience from technological innovation and the digitalisation of their products and services

Demographic Change

Remaining competitive requires businesses to adapt their products and services to meet the needs of diverse groups of customers while accommodating workforce ageing, the younger generations’ changing preferences and a growing focus on social sustainability

Skills For The Future

Amid workforce ageing and continued shortfalls of critical skills, organisations will need to prioritise reskilling and upskilling to fill the gaps.

Resilient Cities

When cities become denser, more congested and increasingly impacted by climate change, organisations can help them remain productive and able to cater to the community's diverse needs; cities must also be safe and affordable places for people to live and work