Changing Global Dynamics:

To remain resilient in an era of geopolitical volatility, businesses need to factor in governance and risk management along with, regulatory requirements, business continuity planning, crisis response and recovery, supply chain resilience, and technology and cybersecurity.

Nisha Sanghani

Net Zero Transition:

34% of respondents say they will use their net zero efforts as a stimulus to develop more energy efficient ways of working:


Top 3 technology likely to have the biggest positive impact on business in the next decade:

1. Automation and IoT

2. Metaverse

3. Cybersecurity and AI

Demographic Change:

The old adage "people are our greatest asset", will be sorely tested as companies realise a 'one size fits all approach' to human resources policy won't work – what might suit one group of employees, won't necessarily suit another, and older workers will have as many expectations and demands as younger generations.

Stephen Woodbury

Skills for the future:

42% of Executives from the Banking & Private Capital industry cite securing and developing the skills for the future to be among the toughest challenges for their business over the next decade:

Resilient Cities:

In 4 out of 5 industries,
over 40% of executives
say resilient cities offer some of the
most attractive opportunities
their businesses expect to see in the
next 10 years